Steelseries Siberia V2 sleeving

Final modification

Final product


I decided to sleeve my headset because the cabel constantly tangled. This post can also be used as a “how to” for headset sleeving.

Siberia V2 Headset

First I thought about using paracord for sleeving, but ordering that would have been counterproductive. So the next plan of operation was to visit the local hardware store. I first found some nice looking blue and red rope and then I found fluorescent green and Rope insidesGreen and black ropeblack rope which I bought. The rope has a construction of an outer shell and inner core. Basic idea is to take out the inner core and replace it with the cable. I had some problems with pulling the cable through the rope. Then I had an epiphany why won’t solder the wire on to another wire and pull it through wit that. It worked like a charm and after that it was just finalizing the design with some heat shrink tube. Macro Headset end