Atmel simulator stimuli creator

For few times I had a situation where I would have liked a way of changing register values in Atmel studio simulator without having to pause the simulation. So I looked into it and found the useful, but overlooked stimulifile. Probably this feature is overlooked by most hobbyist because it’s easier to use real board to debug than to use the time to write a stimulifile for the situation. Anyway I decided to get into this a bit and write a small program to make simple stimulifiles.

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Rigol Screen Grab software

Screenshot 2015-05-28 16.11.14I got a new oscilloscope a Rigol DS1054Z. This scope has Ethernet connection for remote operation. From this connection you can even get a screen capture of the scope without any drivers. I found that someone had made a python script for this operation and thought it would be nice to have a Windows software to do it directly so I made one.

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First post

Welcome to my blog. Main reason for this blog is for me to keep track of my teardowns and projects. Hopefully someone else will also have some use for this blog.

So we’ll see what will happen.